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Mind Dump

February 15, 2010

This past week has been really busy and I am relieved that it’s over. Here are some random thoughts that are going through my mind tonight…

  • My wife is awesome! Loving her helps me grow in my relationship with Christ. Oh and by the way, she makes great cheese cake!
  • I really enjoy snow, maybe not the shoveling, but it could snow every day and I would be content. How about you?
  • Sometimes I think people are just looking to jump on the things I write. On days where I write a “touching story” from youth ministry no one seems to comment, but when I make a statement that isn’t “in-line” with everything then I catch all kinds of crap. But I enjoy the conversation.
  • I finished a book recently, which is good because I feel like I haven’t finished much lately.
  • Very excited for youth group this Wednesday! I think my wife might be speaking, which will be a treat for everyone there.
  • Out of all the major sports in the United States, the NBA is the worst production by far.
  • Which reminds me, everything that is bigger in Texas (all-star game) is not always better.
  • Over compensation is lame.
  • You should put my blog in a blog reader. Or subscribe via email.
  • I always wonder if there is something you would like to know about me? If so you can email me at
  • I would love to upgrade the look of my blog, interested in helping out with that? Let me know.
  • I love my church, we are so grateful to have a church family and friends.
  • Chipped a tooth today, I dentist but I think I might need to go see one this week.
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  1. February 15, 2010 4:28 am

    Ahahaha I almost always comment when I have an opposing argument.

    Think of it this way… you’re walking in a parking lot and see 99 cars parked perfectly and 1 car parked horribly. You don’t comment “Look at those 99 perfectly parked cars!” You say to yourself, “Look at that one car… jeez that’s a bad parking job.” Don’t read too much into the analogy. I don’t think the posts I disagree with suck by any means. For every 99 *great* posts, there’s 1 I disagree with. And I could do a better job commenting on the great posts. (Though you’ve never commented on my blog once lol.)

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