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February 14, 2010

I have had a number of conversations recently that have brought attention to this thought:

Am I aware of how people see me? Even more, are we aware as Christians of how people see us?

I think for me personally I am aware of how people view me as a person and Christian. I will admit that even though I know how people see me (or how they interpret what I write) I don’t always care how they are going to react. Let me give you an example; when I give someone I bid for a job and they know that I am a Christian they often think that I will work for a lower price or that I should give them a  break. So I really don’t know care so much how they are going to react. Are you following what I am saying?

But I have been thinking about how many other times I talk to people through out my week where I do not think to be aware of how they are seeing me and the world.

I had a conversation this week with someone this week about a few local churches in the area. The conversation then turned to how the Church in a whole does good works in places like New Orleans and Haiti. They actually didn’t know how much the Church does . Their view of the Church was skewed. I knew that going in, so I was able shed some light on the good the Church is doing.

Do you think as a whole Christians are aware of how the rest of the world sees us? Are you aware of how the world sees you? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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