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How missional are you? p3

February 3, 2010

I guess the answer to “how missional are you?” lies in how you see your life.

Many people live in the intention of living a missional life. In fact there is a lot of people who go out with the mind-set to be mission minded. And that is great. It’s just my opinion, but it seems like these people have some sort of switch that they turn on when they are “being missional.” They plan outreach, and are very intentional about talking to people about the Gospel. These people are great.

Then there are people who are missional, but (at least to me) go about it a totally different way.

Psalm 139 basically says that everything that happens in your life God knows, and knew and will know. So with that in mind the 2nd type of person living a missional life sees God and realizes that God knows everything. And with that in mind goes through life in a normal way aware that God is moving and has moved to predestinate their life. That means they see God and stay missional in good times and bad.

Which do you think is better? Is there on or another? For the record I think both are good, but lean towards the 2nd more.

I would love your thoughts.

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