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How missional are you? p1

February 1, 2010

The word missional is on a piece of paper that I have in front of me. It’s in a list of words that I wrote down. The title of that list is “Buzz Words.”

Seems like lots of people are using buzz words, I mean if we were honestly if you drop on here and there people think you are really smart or “in touch” with what is going on.

But really let’s talk about how missional you really are. Or for that matter how missional am I? First I think we must define the word. To be missional is to adopt a thinking and behavior of a missionary.

The traditional missionary leaves his comfort zone in an attempt to spread the Gospel and fulfill the Great Commission. I have not left the comfort zone of America, at least long term, in order to spread the Gospel. So I have to ask myself how am I being missional?

There are many ways that a person can live a missional life. I have heard people talk about how listening to music that is not Christian is being missional. You know, so that they can relate to those who listen to the same kind of music, hoping to bring up Christ in a conversation. Or going to a bar and not ordering a beer is being missional, you know… you are meeting people where they are at.

I think to be missional in everyday life we must look at the way God has designed our lives and set our steps in order. More coming soon.

Thoughts? How can this happen?

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