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For or Against

January 29, 2010

I never used to be really hip to the technology crowd. I have never been very techy or smart. When it came to texting a several years ago I seemed to resist, making fun of it at first. I even made up cheesy names for this generation calling them “Generation Text.”

Looking back I am a little ashamed because now it seems I can not get enough of new technology. Now when I come across someone who thinks something as simple as Twitter as lame I laugh to myself and think about how I was and how I am grateful I am not getting left in the dust when it comes to the web and technology.

My own personal thoughts now are: If you don’t care about technology, social media and advancement in these areas, then the future will not care about you.

What are your thoughts? Did you avoid the social media, technology advancement of the past 10 years? How long was it before you jumped in?

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