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Look In The Mirror

January 15, 2010

Often times when I was growing up I think I took on the attitude that I was better than others. For whatever the reason, it could have been because my parents weren’t split up, I dressed better, had a car, or was good at athletics.

Looking back I can see the times where I thought I was better than those around me. Looking back brings shame and guilt for things that I should not have done. It wasn’t right to look at someone from a lens of thinking I was better than they were.

We all are sinners who need saved by a Savior.

So as I have grown in my understanding of God’s grace and love, as I have grown in the knowledge of His saving work on the cross, and as I understand the gospel more and more… It becomes easier to not think I am better than anyone else.

Thinking you are better than someone else usually makes you look like a loser anyhow, do you agree?

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