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Feet Washing… Sort Of.

January 9, 2010

Remember in the Bible when Jesus washed the feet of the disciples? We look at that and see one of the greatest forms of servant leadership ever exhibited.

I just thought I would share one of the most humbling acts of servant leadership anyone has ever done for me.

On Wednesday night after youth group we walked out to our cars to find that freezing rain had covered everyone’s cars. So naturally we all began to scrape off the ice. You know the deal; turn the car on and go to work. Except for I did not have an ice scraper. And on top of that, a student that I had ticked off earlier in the evening Shoveled snow all over my windshield.

Needless to say I had turned on the car and was going to wait for someone to give let me borrow  their ice removal tool. That didn’t happen.

In 15 degree weather one of my leaders walked over and began to clean the ice and snow off of my car while I watched. I asked to do it, but they would not let me.

I stood, watched and was grateful for one of the greatest acts of servant leadership anyone has ever done for me. It may seem small… but it was a truly humbling experience. To stand and watch someone honor you without looking for thanks or promotion is a character trait that is not too often found in people.

On Wednesday night, that leader modeled what it looks like to be an excellent servant leader.

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