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Blind Spots

January 7, 2010

When I was first learning to drive my Dad would always tell me to watch my blind spot. Looking back I never really realized how ironic hat sounded, but…

The other day I was thinking about how in leadership we all have blind spots. The questions are: Do we know we have blind spots and what are we doing to fix them?

I think that most leaders know they have blind spots they just are too busy to do anything about them. Or the issue might be so big they don’t want to deal with it. Or someone on their team has been around for so long they can’t imagine having to get rid of them. Leaders know they have blind spots or in other words; know they have issues that need dealt with, but often times ignore them.

Listen up, because I am only going to say this once:

Ignoring problems is not leading!

Leaders need to be aware of blind spots both personally and professionally. When they are aware they then need to make the right moves to fix the situation.

You follow?

Thoughts? Comments? What is your blind spot in leadership?

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