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Tables p2

December 29, 2009

*This is part 2 of this series of posts*

As I was saying before, there are two different kinds of tables of leadership. You either lead by sitting at a rectangular table (check my thoughts on that here) or you sit at a circular table.

This post is going to be about leaders that decide to sit at a circular table and not the other. The type of leader that leads from this table must be strong and confident but also humble enough to know that they might not be the smartest person at the table.

When leading from this table a leader can’t lead from a “I’m the boss listen to me!” approach. Rather when this leader sits down at the table he or she would have already won the respect and honor of those that are working with him. They must constantly remember that just because they have a title, doesn’t mean people are or will following them.

To lead from this table a leader must be secure and not paranoid of someone else in the organization or department doing better than them. They must treat people like people and not objects or tools for success. It takes work and commitment to lead from this table but leading from this table is vital for success with people.

What are your thoughts on this table? I really didn’t mention any down sides, do you see any? I would love some conversation.

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