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Honor Those Who…

December 14, 2009

Tonight we are having a little Christmas party for the team that serves with us at Velocity Student Ministries.  It won’t be anything big, just some good food and a few games with some of the people who bust their butts with us every Wednesday night.

I really believe that if you are going to build a great team it starts by consistently valuing those who are on the same team with you. You must honor those who serve. Without honor and appreciation a team will surely crumble quickly. Because the fact of the matter is NO ONE WANTS TO WORK FOR A SLAVE DRIVER. Am I right?

People will go the distance for you, if you show them that you value them as people, and not just the work they do for you. So bosses, leaders, managers out there remember this next time someone doesn’t want to do something for you. Chances are if you have not honored, valued, or appreciated your staff in a long time they aren’t going to be thrilled about working for you.

All of the great teams that I have been a part of show honor to those they are on the team with. Honor your team.

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  1. Lauren permalink
    December 14, 2009 9:35 pm

    Make sure that one of those games is Nerts, duh.

  2. Benjamin Davis permalink*
    December 15, 2009 4:21 pm

    Lauren I thought we would play Nerts, but it never happened. Bummer I know.

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