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December 10, 2009

I am not a scientist but I am about to throw some scientific facts at you. Ready?

When you are cold, you know it because your body tells you. Your mind then figures out why you are cold and almost automatically begins to plan how you can stop this displeasure that you are feeling. Fact right?

If you eat something that doesn’t sit well with you, your body will have a reaction telling you either not to eat it again or “we are going to throw that back up and never eat that again.” Sorry for that gross picture, but your getting the point right?

One last example; there are times in life when you will not feel safe. It might be when you are riding in the front seat next to a brand new driver. Our minds and bodies know when something is not right. We sense something is wrong and almost immediately start to think of how to fix it. God designed it to be that way.

God also designed us to know when our spiritual health is lacking. The problem is when we know we are getting “cold” spiritually we don’t go and get something that is going to turn up the heat right away. For some reason (sin) we don’t fix our spiritual problems right away. We like to wallow in, or be lazy when it comes to fixing our spiritual health. We want to run to a pastor and get prayer, or talk to a friend who has some wisdom but, the truth is we just need to get our butts in gear and fix our spiritual problems!


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