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Progressive Theology

December 4, 2009

I am not sure where you were raised. Depending on where (locational) you were raised, one might be able to tell you what kind of home (religious belief system) you were brought up in.

At a very young age your theology is shaped. You start to form your thoughts, opinions and what you know as truth at the beginning of life. Then as you go through out life you are able to test idea’s and beliefs. The more life you experience, the more truth you know.

You might say that your theology is constantly progressing on a personal level. The more I pray, read God’s word and spend time thinking of God the more I know of Him.

Our theology should progress. In your mid 20’s your theology should have progressed from what you believed in Sunday school. When I am 60, I hope to know more of God than I do now.

So what are you doing to help the progression of theology in your life?

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