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Mind Dump

November 30, 2009

Going to write down some thoughts that are going through my brain. Therapeutic for me you know?

My wife is incredible! God has truly blessed me with a wonderful woman who loves God, me and others.

Thanksgiving was great. My wife is off work (she is a teacher) which means I am hanging out with her on her days off! I love my non-job status!

Having conversations you don’t want to have helps you become a better leader. Avoid them and you will fail in leadership. Do them the wrong way and you will still fail. Proceed with care.

Boundaries are good. Create them and keep them. They are created to keep stress out of your life.

I spoke this past Wednesday at our Thanksgiving Eve Service. It was received well.

There are times in life where all you can do is be there for people.

The new John Mayer album is decent. That is my official review.

Moses and Jasper continue to bring joy to our lives.

Our tree is up and looks great!

Patience is something everyone should learn to have more of.

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