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November 24, 2009

Recently I had the chance to listen to Tim Elmore talk about how we plan out what is going to happen in our jobs, and in our ministries. He was talking about how we set strategy for certain things like ministry and occupations but forget to set plans and strategize our own lives. They referenced how many times we create menu’s for these things but rarely give ourselves a menu for personal growth.

Since I listened to Tim I have thought about how this is true and if I am to grow as a pastor, and leader, I must first grow as a person. So from now until the last week of December I will be taking the time to ask God where I need to improve and picking area’s where I want to grow in, essentially putting together a personal growth plan for the year 2010. I will give you updates as I continue to put this together.

One of the things I am looking to do is join a coaching network for the year 2010. I have some big dreams and I am hoping to take some major steps forward in making them happen. So yesterday I applied for this:

Pray I get in. Thanks.

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