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Lesson Learned

November 17, 2009

I sat through a business meeting on Sunday night for our church. We went over a number of different things, from very important to “did that really need talked about.” (ok that is a joke for those of you who don’t follow jokes well)

After I was talking to my boss (pastor for those of you who just got offended) and discussing the meeting. At a certain point there were all kinds of questions coming up on a certain subject (our church is looking at purchasing another building). I knew all the answers that people were asking, my boss knew all the answers also, as well as a number of board members and clerical staff.

But the people did not yet. To be honest I hate long meetings, and I really hate questions that can be addressed at a later time but, the people needed to know the information.

I learned a lesson the other day… people need information to feel good about the vision. As much as we operate in the spiritual in the church world, people still like to be assured of all the details of the vision. That means every question is important and needs answered, even if it someone asking if we will keep the pews and stain glass windows of this new building.

People need vision to move forward, but they also need information.

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