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Leader Vs. Boss (repost)

November 13, 2009

bosspictureI will start off with this question; does anyone really like their boss? Let me explain.

A boss tells you what to do and what you are doing wrong. They let you know when you screwed up. They are about production and looking good. They see everyone underneath them as someone who is there to serve them. Most of them stay in a office and come out only when they are meeting with someone or need something from an employee.

A leader on the other hand does things drastically different. A leader asks the person or people that they are in charge of what they think of things before they tell them what to do and tell them what they (the employee) did wrong. Doing this creates ownership on the part of the worker or employee.

When you screw up, they let you know in such a way that is not going to destroy you but build you up so that you learn from your mistake. A leader is more concerned about the person rather than the production (after all, it is the people who produce.)

Leaders see and speak to those who they watch over as on the same team. The leader makes it so that they are chasing the same goal, as opposed to the boss telling the employee to make the goal happen.

Lastly a leader is with the people. By this I mean they don’t just stay in the office, but they get out on the front lines with those who work for them. They come out of the office and down onto the factory floor. Their job is to cast vision, yes that is true, but it is also to partake in the vision.
Thoughts? Comments?

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