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Joel Davis #Leadershipweek

November 7, 2009

This post was written by Joel Davis for #leadershipweek. I would like to thank Joel for doing the graphics and taking the time to participate in this event. Please check out his website and follow him on Twitter here.



Strength from Weakness

I once heard the saying, “a leader with no followers, is just out taking a walk.” I imagine that it could be quite a disappointment as a “leader” to have no one to actually lead. But I wonder who’s worse off…a leader with no followers, or a leader with people following them, “just out taking a walk.”

My question to you as a leader is this…

Where are you leading? Where are you taking the people that God has placed in your care?

I feel as though “leadership” has become a buzzword among us in the church. I’m not saying that it’s wrong. I’m just saying that we need to be aware of the responsibility that comes along with the label.

My father always told me growing up (and I’m sure he stole it from someone else), “you cannot lead someone where you haven’t been yourself.” You see, I’m convinced that until we’ve spent time implementing the principles we teach, engaging the presence we point people towards, and living the lives we declare as biblical, we’ll never be able to effectively lead people there. Now, I’m not saying you have to have all of your junk together to be a great leader…quite the contrary…I believe God uses our weaknesses to perfect His strengths, and that’s where strong leadership is born.

So where is the balance? If you can’t lead someone where you’ve never been, and you’re still not expected to have it all together, where is the middle ground?

It is being in the process. It is having a clear picture of where you’re headed, and being willing to give everything you have to get there yourself. It’s transparency to those who are following, admitting that you are not perfect but willing to serve alongside those following you.

It’s letting God be who He is through you. It’s humbling yourself before God and His purpose and plan knowing full well that His way is better.

It’s relinquishing control to the One who is faithful to complete what He has started in us. It is allowing His strength to be made perfect in our weakness, as Paul addressed in 2 Corinthians 12:9. It’s from this very passage of scripture that Paul spoke of boasting even more in his weakness in order that “the power of the Holy Spirit” might rest upon him.

You want to be a powerful, effective leader? Allow the Holy Spirit to rest upon you. Allow His strength to be perfected in your weakness.

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