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Is your life Missional?

October 13, 2009

As Christians our lives are to be filled with purpose and mission. More and more lately I am convicted of the fact that being a Christ follower means we are suppose to be transformed here on earth to reach a hurting world around us.

A number of months ago I had the priviledge of working in Argentina on a short term missions trip for new church planting. While on this trip it brought to mind a few  thoughts on how and why we do missions.

First, missions and living a missional life starts where you are reading this. I am sure that within ten feet or ten minutes you can find someone who needs the love of Christ. Mission does not start when you board the plane to visit a 3rd world country, it starts at the moment you see what Christ did for you on the cross in all his glory!

The command to go to the nations and make disciples was not; “Hey if you wouldn’t mind, or if you feel like it” question. It was just that … a command!

After seeing what Christ did for you, we need to realize that we are backed by Him in all we do, so there is no reason to be timid. I forget this at times (being honest with you) and I am sure there are many others to do too. Heck, I have seem people be timid while on a mission trip in a 3rd world where it might be the easiest to be bold for Christ!

You cannot do missions without first being missional in your own social circle. So let me encourage you to go back the Bible, get another view of what Christ did for you and go do something right now.

More and more I believe that people who talk about reaching people and don’t do it are hypocrites. Ouch, did I say that? Yes I did. And let me be first to say that I am pointing right at myself when I say that. I am tired of talking about being missional, doing missions and reaching people and never following up on it!

So for those of us who say we have a heart for missions… let’s start by being missional now, and stop sitting on our lazy,timid,scared,weak, childish, immature butts waiting for the next short term mission trip to come our way.

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  1. October 14, 2009 2:26 pm


  2. Benjamin Davis permalink*
    October 14, 2009 2:28 pm

    Thanks CindyK, now if we can just get people to do it.

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