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September 29, 2009

There are things that I dream about. I have a lot of dreams. But sometimes I feel like I am just chasing them. And there are times where chasing my dreams is great, and there are times where I think I should give up.

I often think that if it were not for my wife I wouldn’t even try. I would let all dreams go to the way side and live a boring life. You know the one where you have no ambition to do anything; the one where you work, come home, drink beer and watch the Simpsons.

My wife is the one the biggest reasons why I continue to chase my dreams. She is the source of constant encouragement and a steady shoulder to lean on when I feel like giving up. Thanks babe.

If you are out there and feel like giving up, let me tell you… don’t do it. Your dreams are the future. We need what you and I dream about, because if we stop dreaming and becoming, we won’t have a future.

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