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Does God Want You Happy?

September 14, 2009

We are going through a sermon series on Sunday mornings entitled “Urban Legends” and the whole point is debunking the spiritual myths that we fall into through out our lives. Yesterday we talked about the myth of “God wants you happy.”

Most people tend to think and serve God as a cosmic vending machine… he isn’t. Learn that. For some reason we still think that if God wants me happy and I am not, then God failed.  He didn’t… God doesn’t want you happy. He wants more for you.

God doesn’t want you happy…

  1. When it causes you to sin. Sin=to miss the mark; to fall short=death When we pursue happiness most of the time we become miserable… happiness is not the bottom line.
  2. When it is driven by circumstances. God’s goal is for you to be content.

The problem with the idea that “God wants me to be happy” is that it elevates us to a place where God should serve us, instead of us serving God.

The bottom line is we exist to bring God glory, not for him to glorify us.

I have to give credit where it is due… all of these thoughts came from my boss/pastor/friend Russ Horne. He is the man/great preacher/ awesome. Great Job Russ!

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