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On my mind

September 10, 2009

Just finished our first youth service tonight and there are a bunch of things running through my mind. But the first is this job might quite possibly be the best job ever. The service went really well and it seemed like students were pumped about what was happening tonight! I will write more about this later but here is what is on my mind. (All in random order)

  • I learned a lot from the Nines web conference. I watched most of it on Scott Williams website.
  • If when asked the question “Why do you believe in Christ?” your answer is “Because I have seen what he has done for me” , you might need to upgrade your view of Christ.
  • The Gospel is the center of all church ministry, everything else is by product.
  • I know how easy it is for pastors to not take time for people. I know you are thinking that people are why pastors exist, but it is the sad case that pastors do forget about people. It can be a very easy thing to do. For as much effort it takes to make “ministry” happen, it would take just a little more effort to let people know you care… take the time, put in the effort.
  • I am of the thinking that just because someone doesn’t think, talk or act like me (a Christian), doesn’t give me or anyone else an excuse to look down on people.
  • Speak positively… it brings out the best in people.
  • I wish I knew someone who could make a new WordPress themed blog for me.
  • Thinking reformed is better than everything else… wait what else is there?
  • I it will be a Steelers Patriots AFC Championship game… I think the Pats will win. With that said, I want the Pats to win the Super Bowl.
  • I have been doing youth Ministry for 8 years now, is that long enough not to be called young and unaccomplished?
  • I would love to see the Boston Redsox win the World Series. If not them, then the Phillies.
  • I want a bigger revelation of who God is.
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