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Bring the right tools

September 7, 2009

The other day I was on a job where I happened to be building a book shelf. You know the kind? One of the cheap ones with missing pieces and bad instructions? Why is it that people buy that garbage? Oh wait because it’s cheap that’s why! Anyhow that is not the point of this lesson.

I was putting it together when I came to the point where I needed to hammer something in. I looked to the home owner and asked if he had a hammer handy. He said he did and walked out of the room. I thought to myself “this is a farely easy task, I mean what guy doesn’t have hammer laying around?”

By the way if your a guy and don’t have a hammer? Go buy one right now, it is part of being a man.

BAck to the story. The home owner  walked in and what did he have in his hand? A hammer like I asked? No. No he had something better… he had a rock. It took everything within me not to laugh. I have only ever seen someone attempting to hammer something into something else with a rock on TV. I have never tried it in real life.

Having this little experiance triggered a thought… Am I bringing the right tools to the job?

These are the questions I am asking myself as I work for myself and work for my new church.

  • Am I prepared for the day?
  • Do I have everything with me that I need?
  • Who do I need to communicate with today?
  • Am a planning ahead? Daily, weekly, and monthly?
  • Am I trying to short cut something that should be done right?
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