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What Did You Down There?

August 5, 2009

There are a lot of people that are asking my wife and I what exactly what we did while we were in Argentina. I think sometimes people go on mission trips to take a vacation, however this was not the case for us. Hopefully we will never be those people. The idea is to do God’s work, and to build His Kingdom… not watch His Kingdom being built by others.

A normal day  looked like this: We got up early, had breakfast and team devotionals. Then we would head to the school of evangelism that we were working with, there were classes on prayer, spiritual warfare and biblical leadership, along with those we taught some dance, drama, puppets and balloons. After all of that we ate lunch and then headed out to do outreach in the afternoon. We mainly handed out flyers, told people about Christ, and invited them to the services that were being held in the evening.

I have got to give some mad props (that’s what all the kids say right?) to our missionary that we worked with. His name is Rocco Ditrollio. I have to say that he seemed to be one of the most gracious people I have ever met, and his heart for his country was seen in everything that he said and did. Church planting an entire country is huge task, but it is a task that Rocco and his wife Ellen have embraced with their whole heart!

Also I have to thank our translators Maria and Bernice! With out them we would have been lost. Thank you guys sooo much!

If you read this and are interested in going on mission with my wife and I sometime next year, email me at

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