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God Never Fails

August 4, 2009

So I have a confession… I never thought that God would use me as a vessel to work through to do the miraculous. There I said it. I would even go a step farther… I really didn’t desire for that to happen because when it does, the focus seems to shift from God glorifying Himself to a person being glorified. I hope that makes sense.

But on this trip God decided to glorify Himself through me in a way that blew my mind! Below is a picture of a family. What follows next is their what God did in their lives.

DSCN1280The lady standing on the right in the pink is Roxanna Bracho. In the services at night she saw God do some really amazing things in her families life. The woman to the left of her (black scarf) is her sister. She received her salvation and was filled with the holy spirit. Roxanna’s son (boy in red) was filled with the holy spirit, evidenced by speaking in tongues in English! Amazing. Lastly on one of the nights Roxanna’s nephew (boy in front, in gray coat) was healed of a life long speech impediment. I watched him speak fluently in Spanish the rest of the week! This miracle kills me every time I think about it! Brings me to tears constantly.

I stand amazed at God. He never fails, he always will glorify himself. Him glorifying himself brings people closer to him.

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  1. Rocco DiTrolio permalink
    August 5, 2009 1:12 am

    Awesome testimony. Thanks for being a willing vessel.

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