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Killing Cockroaches #2

July 21, 2009

In the second session that I heard Tony Morgan he talked about finding focus in your ministry. Like I had said earlier, Tony is a great coach. The questions that he asked should bring you right to the point: It is all about the Gospel and helping people understand it.

Here we go:

1 Are people hearing the message and experiancing life change? We need to ask ourselves what do people need to know and what to people need to do. We must prioritze what we preach. All scripture is inspired but not equally as important. Don’t believe that? Jesus prioritized His own commands.

2. Are next steps being clearly defined? First, identify what a fully devoted Christian looks like in your church? Then ask yourself how do we get people to that point? If your discipleship strategy is too complex, people will have a hard time getting to where they need to be. One of the most important questions to ask, is “Do your programs reach people outside the church?” and then ask “Where is the fruit?” Clarify your discipleship strategy.

3. Are next steps being clearly communicated? Sometimes there is so much communication that nothing is actually being communicated. Get it? Look at your churches printed material, it probally looks like it comes from 30 different churches. They over communication in the real world spam. Are your ministries competing with each other? Remember that people need to have a relationship with Christ not the “ministry.”

I thought all this stuff was excellent. A few more side notes:

Tony is about people.

Leaders embrace change.

Leaders are not just the the available people in your church.

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  1. lalondino permalink
    July 21, 2009 5:53 pm

    Good posts I enjoyed reading them. I think this Tony Morgan guy is right on.

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