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Killing Cockroaches #1

July 21, 2009

Last Tuesday I woke up very earlier and drove 4 hours to hear one of my favorite bloggers. His name is Tony Morgan. A few people that know me thought it was a little outrageous to go hear a guy who blogs for a living, but I thought it was worth the time and $30 dollars I paid to hear him.

I have to admit a few things first before I tell you about what he taught. I had a few stereotypes of Tony going in, and Tony proved them all wrong. I thought we would not open or talk about the Bible, after all he is a strategy guy, not the Bible answer man right? Wrong, he used scripture for every point and not only that, he had some of the better insight to the scripture I have heard in a long time!

The second is I thought Tony would be more opinionated, meaning I thought he would give answers… but he didn’t he asked the right questions. Of all the leaders I have ever listened too, Tony is the first to make me walk away saying that “Tony is a real coach.” See a lot of “coaches” think they are coaching you by telling you what to do because they have gone through a situation in the past. That is not coaching, that is being a boss. Tony seemed to know which question to ask and how to ask that question. I hope when I am a little older and wiser I can ask the right questions too. Tony’s coaching ability impressed me very much.

Ok so here we go on what Tony talked about: 5 Reasons You Will Get Stuck Killing Cockroaches

1. If you settle for something that is not God’s plan– Gen. 11:31 Leadership is listening to God and then doing what he says. If you can do this you will have a clear vision.

2. The ministry will out grow you– Acts 6 Are you being obedient to God’s call? Are you empowering other leaders? Sometimes we get stuck doing the ministry God has not called us too. We then need to put others in place so that we can do what we are called.

3. If you are too focused on the executions rather than on the outcomes-Matt. 25:14 Doing this is likened to driving from the backseat of a car. The church has become good at delegating tasks. But empowering others to lead means you define the outcome and let the leaders get there on their own. If they don’t get there on their own, then you can coach them on how to do it.

Questions potential leaders are asking:

  • Am I really wanted in your ministry?
  • Will I have input?
  • Will you keep me in the loop?
  • Do you really care about me or are you just using me?
  • Will I get to lead towards something significant?

4. You’ll avoid giving volunteers the opportunity to lead- Eph. 4:12 As pastors it is out calling to equip others to do ministry. There are 4 steps to leadership: Leading by example, Leading other people in doing tasks, leading other leaders, and leading from clear vision.

5. If you choose to embrace fear and or pride rather than humility 1 Peter 5 Clothe yourself in humility and cast all your fears on Christ. John 3:30. Pride/ Fear = Public Humiliation

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