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Links and Brain Food

July 7, 2009

Here are some random thoughts coming from my mind right now.

  • I need to work… it is important for the man in the house to work… I have not been doing it enough. I am trying though.
  • I am keeping up on steady exercise.
  • I am going to be doing a photo shoot soon. Yes I will be modeling with my wife. Going to be doing some wedding pictures. To see the guy who is doing the shots check him here.
  • I also have another friend who takes pictures, he just bought a new camera with a bunch of lenses. Check him out here.
  • My wife is the best woman in the entire world. She loves me through thick and thin.
  • I leave for Argentina in 16 days. Very exciting stuff! God is so good to us and is going to blow the minds of the people down there!
  • You should check out Chilly, he is a pastor in Detroit. Pretty good thoughts I would say.
  • I have heard in the past week that someone was going to “unfriend” me on Facebook. Then I met that person on the 4th of July. They said I was the only thing they say in their news feed, I told them to get some more friends. (That was joke, but I did say it.)
  • She is writing some very good things. Please check her out.
  • I get more hits when I write things that people are afraid to say. I also get yelled at by my wife.
  • I enjoy twitter very much. I have talked to people all over the world. Recently I talked to the CEO of Thomas Nelson publishing and some really cool dude from San Francisco… the coolest I have ever been to.
  • Despite what some might say, I don’t just spit things out to get reactions.
  • People seem to judge me… thats ok I guess.
  • I think it’s funny when people who were born in 1995 talk about how Michael Jackson was so cool. You must be at least 25 to be nestalgic.
  • My grammer is awful, I am sorry I am not as professional as you. At least I try.
  • Pursing dreams can be rough, but it is worth it.
  • Sometimes I think I have too many tabs open. Then I remember that I am using a Mac and all my fears go away.
  • I can’t stand watch dog blogs. Those people need to get a life. Or read the Bible to get something out of it, not just correct the guy who lives thousands of miles away.
  • Did I mention I love my wife? Because I do.
  • I miss my brother. I miss my sister.
  • I want to be a Dad, that would make my life.
  • Sometimes I doubt if the way approach life is right, but I haven’t had enough proof that I am doing to wrong to change it.
  • Jesus is more of a friend than ever before in my life and that is most important.
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  1. July 7, 2009 6:06 pm

    Thanks dude. Those are some good links up there!

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