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Dreams p1

June 10, 2009

You have dreams and I have dreams also. Some of your dreams have been inside you forever, it seems like you were born with them inside of you. Many of my childhood dreams have ceased to exist but as I have grown older and hopefully more mature I have begun to acquire new dreams. I am sure that over time you too have had new dreams birthed inside of you.

I am not sure if anyone else feels like this, but I am really hesitant to “share” my dreams with other people. Why? Mostly because I think that people will laugh or scoff at the things I dream about. For my entire life it has puzzled me why other people shoot other people’s dreams down. Dreaming (in a healthy way) is a great way to keep yourself going…especially when you know that God has given you the dream.

I am not going to ask you to share you dreams with me right now, because I am not ready to share my dreams with anyone other than my wife. But I would like to know… why do people shoot other peoples dreams down?

Feels free to share your thoughts. Thanks for reading.

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