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June 1, 2009

In a day in age where everyone seems to be promoting themselves, I am very hesitant to do the same. But since it seems to be so widely accepted I figured “ah what the heck I might as well.” (Read the last two sentences in a very sarcastic voice.)

So I have before mentioned on this site that I am writing a book. (saying this again I feel very humbled and cautious about telling anyone) or at least the idea of writing a book intrigues me enough to write down some thoughts. I am writing because I enjoy the act not because I need too, or because I desire to be a Christian “A- List” celebrity. I want to write because it has, since I was a little boy, been a passion of mine and there is something about finding that childish passion that is exhilarating.

How, if ever, will my book get published is beyond what I can imagine right now but I know that it is a dream that is inside of me… a dream that I am slowly, yet passionately pursuing.

Here is a little quote:

” No one can stop you from thinking…  so no one can stop you from leading. Countless times everyday where ever you live there is someone around you that has that urge, that desire, that fire that is burning inside them that is just waiting to burst out, but they quench what is inside for what is kosher, tame or accepted. Maybe that person is you. Don’t succumb to the pressure of being tame and “in- line.” Remember there is not a rule against leading.”

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