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May 14, 2009

When you are leading people there can be many reasons that you do it. You can lead them to accomplish a goal that you have, you can lead them to change their behavior and without knowing it you can lead people to unproductive behaviors.

I have been thinking about this… As leaders we are not only responsible to lead to whatever the goal is, but we must lead with the right intentions.

Let me explain: As leader’s it does not make sense to lead towards something (let’s say a minimum number of people attending an event) while making the people (i.g. your other leaders/staff) who were already coming to the event mad. Many times leaders are so concentrated on the end goal they forget the process that it takes to get there. Does that make sense?

We may attain what we were trying to accomplish, but if we tick or piss off, (depending on how mad you make them) everyone that is helping you along the way it almost washes away all the good vibes you created. You may look good short term because you accomplished your goal, but having a team that is upset is a long term headache.

Let me encourage you to lead with the right intentions, don’t worry about how good you will look or the results of the production. People are most important… both the people that you are trying to reach and those who are on your team.

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