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A 25 Hour Day

May 13, 2009

Have you ever wished you had more time? Or that when it came to making a decsion that you uttered the dreaded phrase of , “If I only had more time!”

Seth Godin recently posted something that I thought was spot on. He said that having more time does not necessarily mean you will make better decisions. He went on to say that if fact the longer you wait the worse off your decision will be.

I found his post very interesting because of the way I make decisions compared to the way my wife makes decisions. I tend to be more of the “Let’s go for it!”, while my wife likes to “wait until the last possible second” type of person.

Which lead me to think about this thought: What kind of of decision maker should a Christian be?

I would love to hear your responses on how you make important decisions! Let me know!

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