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April 29, 2009

I just finished reading MAD CHURCH DISEASE by Anne Jackson. I had posted about half way through the book about what I thought. You an read that here.

Great book all around, a book that I really enjoyed reading. Actually Anne is climbing my list of favorite bloggers… you can check her blog out here.

In the book she outlines a plan for emotional and physical  health. I thought that since I have been writing about things that are Essential to our spiritual health, it would be appropriate to see what Anne had to say. This may seem simple but so true.

Steps to Health

1.Own Up- Are you accepting your health in it’s current state?

2. Change Your Purpose- Take your current purpose and turn it around.

3. Make A Plan- Write out your goals, be specific.

4. Create Boundaries- Learn to say NO! You can not be all, all at the same time.

5. Find Accountability- This is pointless unless you and your partner are both committed.

One last thing… Anne is in India right now, check out what she is doing here.

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