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Too Much Weight

April 25, 2009

Here are ten things that you should never do or wear: (These are meant to be comical.)

  1. Wear Sunglasses at night (No one is that cool I promise)
  2. Pre- Wringled Shoes ( I know you don’t think they are out there, however you are allowed to wear pre- ripped shoes… ask Shawn)
  3. Black shoes with brown pants (Classic rule, should never be broken)
  4. Visors (I still do not understand the purpose of these.)
  5. Fanny Packs (The name says it all!)
  6. Slippers outside of the house ( Do I need to say anything about this?)
  7. Sweat pants with words on the butt (most of the time this is not a pretty sight.)
  8. Wear dog- tags if you were never in the military ( I never thought a piece of tin hanging on your neck was cool.)
  9. Any tee shirts that mentions someone else’s girl friend (Is it ever true? I mean really?)
  10. Take a picture of yourself in a bathroom mirror with a cell phone ( If you’re doing this chances are we already know you are TOO cool.)
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