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Essential # 2

April 22, 2009

Ever since I can remember I have prayed. I am sure that you may have had the same experience. Even people who are not faithfully following a system of beliefs tend to teach their kids to pray… even if it is “Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep.”

But there is something very powerful about prayer that is ESSENTIAL to our lives if we are going to have healthy spiritual lives. For those of you who think about prayer being scary or weird it is not, and I am sorry that someone in the world influenced you to think that that was the case. Prayer is simply communication with God.

I know that there a number of teachings out there that will teach you to pray different ways; anything from quiet contemplative prayer to LOUD/ SCREAMING prayer.

The communication with God that I think is most vital or essential is talking to him like you would a friend and then listening to what He has to say. So many people tell God what to do… I don’t think it works that way. I would encourage you to take time to be quiet and listen to what God is saying to you. You will find that your relationship with Christ will grow in leaps and bounds as you get more revelation of what He wants to say to you.

What does God say most if the time? I know some of you are wondering what will happen if you shut your mouth (I know it’s hard to do for some of us), you might be wondering if anything will take place or if you actually listen, “will God tell me to go to Africa?”

If you will take the time and listen, really listen and quiet yourself… He will begin to speak to you. The first thing that He is going to say? He loves you. It’s Essential # 1, why would He say anything else? Go on give it a try and then come back and let me know how it went.

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  1. April 23, 2009 1:06 pm

    Again, very nice post! Being a newbie, I was surprised to know that there is no one prescribed way to pray. I originally thought I had to be on my knees, bent over, praying fervently. And that’s a great way to pray if you want! Great way to humble yourself.

    But I can talk to God while I drive my car, walk my dog, lay in bed, sit at my desk. He’s there 24/7. He’s listening 24/7. And he’s talking back – 24/7.

    What a revelation! He wants us to pray/converse with him constantly. It’s such a blessing to have him with us all the time!

    Thanks Ben!

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