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In life

April 20, 2009

Last week I was thinking about what things are essential in life. For each person physically there are things that we need to survive. If you were to do a “man on the street” type of survey I am sure you would get many weird and off the wall answers like “coffee, red bull, my girlfriend or boy friend, love, friends family or maybe even a cell phone.” And all of those might be true to some extent, I will be the first to admit if I did not have chocolate I would definitely be lacking something.

But there are a few things that we must have in order to maintain life in the physical world. Things like food water and air are all things that will keep you going at a bare minimum. But what about essentials concerning things in your life that you can not see or touch? What are the things that are essential to keeping you alive emotionally or spiritually?

In order to live spiritually one must defiantly maintain a certain items in life to keep their head above water. There are many items that will help you to live a spiritual life but there are a few that I believe to be essential.

Over the next few days I will give my thoughts on a few of the things I am talking about, things like:

  1. Knowing that God loves you
  2. Prayer
  3. Reading His word
  4. Friendship with other Christians
  5. Loving those who do not think like you
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