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Leadership Lessons p1

April 9, 2009

As I have told you before I have been playing on a basketball team over this past winter. Over the past two months I have learned a few lessons in leadership, I thought I might share a few with you.

Lesson Number 3 : People don’t care about your  leadership until you’ve proved yourself.

This season I was one of the new guys on the team.  Most of the guys have been playing together for quite sometime. Now I consider myself to an above average basketball player, but that did not matter to the guys on the team. They didn’t trust me until I proved that I could play. It is one thing to have a reference that says you can play (thanks Craig), but it is another to show the team that you are for real.

The same goes for leadership. No one would trust John Maxwell when he talks about leadership unless he proved himself through life to be a good leader. Think about anything you are trying to lead… if you have not proved yourself yet, people are probably not going to be following you.

If you are looking to lead another person or a group of people and have not proved yourself to them, you will never lead them.


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