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Running To Not From p1

April 4, 2009


This past Wednesday like I had mentioned earlier, I spoke at SIMPLE LIFE ( Shawn and me in the picture above). I talked about how our natural reaction when we sin or do something wrong, is to run from what is good.

Think about it. From the very beginning of time people who end up doing things wrong run from what they should be running too. When you were little and ate too many cookies, (my bad mom) you would run and try to hide. If you rob a bank or commit a crime, you run and hide. Adam and Eve when they ate from the tree that they were not suppose to, ran and hid from a God who created them, a God who loves them.

The relationship that humans and God had was perfect before they ate of THAT tree in the garden. After that moment our sin has forever been in the way, but that is still not an excuse for our natural reaction to participating in sin.

More coming later….

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