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March 29, 2009

I wrote yesterday that I listened to someone talk about self-leadership this past week. Some of these things I have heard before but it is always great to be reminded of important concepts… keeps you focused.

Here are some notes on self-leadership concerning your career, or ministry:

(BTW, I love the alliteration)


  • What are the things I am gifted to do?
  • What are the things my organization NEEDS me to do?


  • Am I spending my best time on main priorities?
  • Am I limiting my interruptions?Am I doing triage? ( Which task will get “treatment” and which will not?)Going through a task list of what is important.


  • Do I have the right people on the bus? (Think team, headed to a game.)
  • Are they in the right seats? And are they doing the right things?
  • Do I have enough team members?


  • Are the resources we have being spent in a way that will staff for effectiveness?
  • Are their creative ways to expand our ministry? Other resources to provide staffing?


  • Am I being honest with myself about what needs to happen?
  • Are we facing the truth as a organization?
  • Am I facing the facts and yet leading out of faith?

Coaching Questions:

  • What do you know you need to do , but haven’t done yet?
  • What are the benefits of things staying the way they are?
  • Is it worth it to you to continue the pain you are enduring by  delaying change?
  • Do you want accountability around these changes you know you need to make?
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