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Is the top screwed on?

March 27, 2009

Call me daring but I do read and listen to non Christians. Please don’t stop reading… I just happen to think it might be good to know what people who believe differently than me think.

Paying attention to what the world thinks and says is very important. I don’t do it because I think it is cool, or because I want to get as close to the world as possible, or because I think Christians are closed minded, I read and listen to others who are not on the inside of my belief system because of this…

It breaks my heart to hear what they are thinking,to see the wrong belief systems they are in, the lies that they buy into, and the hurt that comes through with every every written word and every song sung.

I DO NOT pay attention to the world because I want to be culturally relevant. If you pay attention to the world so you don’t fall behind the times (being culturally relevant), chances are you already have, and they know it. I pay attention so that I can know how to bring Christ to every situation, every conversation, every relationship. So that I don’t give people a blank stare when they tell me what they did last night or what they do for a living.

I pay attention to the world around me so that I may extend the grace to them as Christ extended grace towards me.

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