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March 26, 2009

Recently I wrote a short post telling you that I would be writing about friends, and things pertaining to the subject. And you would think that because everyone has friends (I hope you do), people would understand how to make friends. You would think that because people have and want friends they would know how to treat their friends. You may think all of this to be true and still not be a quality friend.

I want to talk about how to build friendships. So many people think that because they hung out with someone twice they are friends with that person, when really they are just acquaintances. It takes more than hanging out once or twice to become friends. Building a friendship takes a number of things, but to start building friendships starts with time.

Time spent with someone allows you to get to know them. When you begin to spend more and more time with them you know what they are really like and they know what you are really like. Time shows peoples true colors. Building a friendship is vital to you spending time with that other person and them reciprocating the same feeling.

Without spending time with another person, in some sort of fashion, you will never have friendships. The more time spent, the better the friendship.

What do you guys think?

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