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Learning About Small Groups…P3

March 7, 2009

We have been speaking about small groups in the past few posts, and by we I mean me. I hope you are getting something out of this.

The next part of small groups that I want to address is the atmosphere of the group. Most of the time there is a subject that is being talked about. Creating the proper atmosphere is very important to the groups health and growth. Without the proper atmosphere the group will quickly fade or become very stagnant.

The atmosphere should make everyone comfortable. Whether there is someone there that has been coming for 5 years or is coming for the first time, the atmosphere should welcome both ends of the spectrum. The group should be held in a place that is common for everyone; this could be someone’s house or a Starbucks, but it must be somewhere where people are going to be comfortable.

Then there is the atmosphere that is in the group. Everyone must let others talk and should respect each person’s background and opinions. As much as possible a small group should be like a family. Always remember that people are entitled to their own thoughts. You can’t make someone think like you, they have to make that choice for themselves, so why try to force feed someone? How people exchange ideas and thoughts about your theme determines if the atmosphere will be positive or negative.

What is the atmosphere of your small group? Any horror stories? Did you forget that people have backgrounds and backgrounds form opinions?

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