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Are you man enough?

March 6, 2009

This post is meant to be read by guys, it is not written out of pointless anger, but rather a passion to see men act like men.

More and more each day I see men not acting like men. And can I be completely honest? It makes me so mad to see men who should be acting manly acting like they are lady boys. Sound offensive? If it does then maybe you need to check and see whether or not your a real man. Yeah I just said that. I am sorry I can not take it any longer.

There is simply too many men acting like they don’t know who they are. Want to know who I am talking about? (All the actions I am about to mention are done by non- homosexuals) You know when  a man is acting like a man, when he hangs on other men, or talks in a girlie voice (insinuating that he is gay), asks you if he can give you a hug with a weird smirk on his face, runs from fear, doesn’t properly voice his opinion, can’t take criticism, asks to ride on your motorcycle and just acts plain girlie.

Disclaimer before you jump all over me: There is nothing wrong with being secure enough to give a good friend a hug, cry, or express your feelings, in fact I think it takes a real man to do these things, but there are proper ways to express your “sensitive” side.

It’s ok for a man to be into art, music and fashion. It’s ok for a man to care about the way he looks, but it is not ok for a man to get so into it he starts talking and acting like a girl. At the same time it doesn’t mean your man because you have big muscles and pack heat.

Being a man is something that you learn over the length of your life but us also something that I believe you are born with. It has been placed deep within your being, deep within your soul. If you are a man physically then I believe that being a man lies deep within your inner being. I think that it is sad that in America and all over the world men are accepting the fact that the world tells them it is ok not to be a man.

Where and when did it become manly to “act” like you are gay? Besides being utterly offensive to those who struggle with homosexuality, it is just not acceptable manly behavior. It’s just not cool. And it is certainly not attractive to the ladies.

Let me end this very passionate post by saying being a man is something that is slipping away from a generation in America. More and more we need our fathers to man up and act like they are the men they are suppose to be. If the men that are alive now do not act like they should, we will raise up a generation of wimps and lady boys. That scares me, it should scare you too. Thanks for reading.

Anything to add? Sorry if I offended you. It’s just time to arrive at manhood and stay there.

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  1. March 6, 2009 12:57 pm

    That’s a well expressed opinion. Men are becoming less and less manly these days. But to what would you attribute that quality? Is it just the changing times? Or just the way things have evolved? Interesting thoughts though. Nice post.

  2. Benjamin Davis permalink
    March 6, 2009 2:30 pm

    I think I would attribute men becoming less manly to a number of things. Mostly the lack of fathers taking their boys out and doing manly things, and the ever-increasing acceptance of homosexuality. A combination of these and a few others contributes to men acting like chicks.

    As for guys acting like they are gay… that is just rude to those who struggle with that.

  3. March 7, 2009 8:33 pm

    Ben, youve probably read this book already but alot of the things you said here made me think of “Wild at Heart” by John Eldredge. It’s a whole book on this topic. Deffinatly a good read so if you havnt read it, do so. Good thoughts.

  4. Benjamin Davis permalink
    March 7, 2009 8:44 pm


    Thanks for reading. I have read that book, it made me want to go be a man in the woods. Good book, thanks for the suggestion. I saw your blog, very nice.

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