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Sounds Better In Person…

February 27, 2009

I know this post won’t do the subject justice, but I hope you get the point…

On Wednesday evening I spoke about obedience. You know as people we think that if we obey a little, we do not have to obey 100%. Let me give you an elementary example… When you were younger chances are you were told to clean your room. So without a problem (wink wink) you go and stuff everything under your bed and shove everything else into your closet. After a few moments your room is clean and you have obeyed the command of “cleaning” your room. But is that really what your parents wanted? Was the object of the command to put all your junk somewhere where it could not be seen? No, it was to clean your room properly.

That is a very simple example, but it still renders to be very true. We need to remember that we are called to obey 100% of the time. The text I used was 1 Samuel 15, where Saul was commanded to perform an action. He did what he was asked, but did not perform it 100%. He left that one percent and eventually cost him his kingship.

For me this has been a great reminder that God sees everything. How could I hold anything back from God, if He sees everything anyhow? My challenge to you is to ask yourself if there is anything that you are not giving to Christ 100%?

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