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February 7, 2009

Obama! What?! I thought I would weigh in on something that I have been watching for a while.

Before the election the media was all about promoting Obama and shedding light on how much McCain would be like President Bush. Now that the election is over and Obama is running the court, the media is really pushing his agenda. And this is what makes me upset… with the way the world operates it is almost impossible for anyone to get a fair shake at anything. Let me explain.

I am all about people thinking through every decision in life. I try every single day to question everything I do, I feel like it keeps me on track, and as I do that I know what my priorities are in life. I do not want to blindly follow anything. I do not want to blindly choose my friends, blindly love my wife, or blindly follow my faith. I hope you understand what I am saying.

So when it comes to having opinions on politics and where this country is headed I do not want to blindly accept what the media is feeding me…both FOX AND CNN (just to name a few). I am not looking for “Fair and Balanced” and I am not looking to be force fed  from a station that is obviously pushing the “left”. I am looking for logic and truth. This is cynical but I doubt I will ever find that in politics and media. How are you suppose to come in an independent decision when both sides of the isle and media are feeding you what they want you to hear.

More to come later…

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