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The “Other” Side of Town (P1)

January 30, 2009

I love the city. My heart is for the city. My entire life I have grown up in the city. Of course there were times where Dad would take us out to the woods to run around and do manly things (like hunt and shoot guns), but I have spent the majority of my life in the city. I plan on living out my life in a urban environment. No matter where I live in life, I want it to be in a city.

Last night I was sitting watching TV and outside I heard gun shots. Four of them. Since I live in the city, let’s just say that it is not uncommon for you to hear them from time to time. Last night they seemed to be exceptionally close. Now there are a number of different emotions that could have swept over me and my wife.

Fear, curiosity, sadness, urgency, joy and anger all are emotions that could have swept over me.

My heart choose to be saddened by hearing those shots. I know that I said it is not uncommon, and I really don’t even mind hearing them (growing up there you get used to it), but something last night grabbed me.

More to come later…

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