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January 29, 2009

Have you ever been to a basketball game where someone throws up an air ball? For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is a shot that hits nothing but air…hence air ball. Normally after the air ball is shot the crowd will yell out AAAIRRR BAAAALLL! And they will repeat it until the player feels absolutely humiliated. Trust me I have been on the receiving end of this.

I have this theory about life that I wanted to share with you and maybe if you would like you can give your thoughts of agreement or disagreement.

I am calling this the “Air ball Theory.” This theory has to do with shooting air balls in life. Have you ever noticed that people sometimes over commit to something, or say that they can get a result, but in the end they can’t come through. “Air ball”. Here is a fact: Everyone throws them up from time to time. Welcome to court they call life.

Just like in a basketball game, you have a decision. You can stop shooting and let the pressure of the crowd get to you. You can let your self-esteem get down never shoot again. The other choice is to take a time out (30 second timeout for you basketball players) and recollect your thoughts. You can let the coach tell you the truth…that you are a good shooter. After reconnecting with the truth you step back onto the court to keep shooting.

The choice is yours…just do it.

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