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January 22, 2009

Worship flows out of a awe- inspiring revelation of God. It should not come out for any other reason in my mind. Not to look good to the person who is sitting behind you watching in church, not as a duty, not for the want to feel good. True worship is standing, kneeling, or being face down in front of God because He rocked your world. We need to have a new revelation of who God really is.

Every day I desire to know God more. And as I grow to know Him more, as more revelation is revealed, the more I find myself in true selfless worship. Worshiping because I am in awe of who God is. Not because of what He CAN provide for me. I don’t worship because it looks good to others. I don’t worship to feel “the presence of God”( said in a very holy voice), but rather I worship because I am in awe of how great and big and amazing He really is!

Read this and then take some time to worship.

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