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What’s In A Name?

January 16, 2009

Throughout time, there have been words that strike fear, cause anxiety, and bring hope to the lives of Americans. Think about the generation that you are in; what are the words that cause you fear or anxiety or bring hope to you? Growing up in the ‘90s I can remember that “Bill Clinton” was a name that was very divisive and caused different emotions in different people.

After 9/11, the words “Osama Bin Laden” struck fear into the lives of Americans, or it strengthened hate towards those who don’t like America.

In general, there are words that seem to be timeless in the emotions they cause. Words like abortion, genocide, tax cuts, and gay rights all have strong emotions attached to them. The name Barack Obama causes all kinds of emotions and opinions to arise in Americans.

As the inauguration approaches and President Elect Obama prepares to take office, what kind of emotions come over you? Do you feel apathy, anger, love, hope? Are there other emotions that arise?

I want to encourage you to this: God is in control, and God is going to use Barack for His purposes. I would like to ask you to pray for Barack Obama and his family. Pray that he would be able to carry the weight of everything the office holds, and pray that God would bless our country during his time in office.

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