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January 15, 2009

Yesterday I heard an excellent talk by Fiore Londino on conflict resolution. Fiore is a partner in a company called Pareto Consulting, LLC 80/20 Solutions for Building Business Talent. He is very talented man who has worked with very successful companies all over the globe.

Conflict has the ability to paralyze or liberate you. It is ultimately your choice of how you let it affect you. Fiore taught that there are a number of different reactions to conflict, but that there are three that you should practice. I will list the 5, you tell me which ones are best.

1. Do nothing– Take no immediate reaction.

2. Confront-Take personal responsibility for discussing the conflict one-on-one with the person and coming to a workable solution.

3. Coach-Behind the scenes, coach one of the people involved on how to handle the conflict discussion him/herself.

4. Mediate-Bring the conflicted parties together, facilitate the discussion, and help them agree on and commit to solutions.

5. Tell People What to do-Tell people specifically what they must each do differently or change and follow up.

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