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Small Groups Continued…

January 13, 2009

Like I had mentioned in the previous post, this past Saturday I talked to a group of leaders about small groups. One of the topics that I covered when talking about small groups was the awkward things or weird things that can be in these groups.

Every group has the potential to be weird and awkward, it is our job as the leaders of the group to take the awkwardness out of the group.

Now as you read below please DO NOT BE OFFENDED by anything that is written. They are just my observations and opinions, take them as that…but they still might be true.

Here are some things that as a small group leader you should be looking to eliminate.

1. Make sure that guests feel comfortable and welcome. To someone coming into the group for the first time, which can be weird to begin with, don’t feed that by not talking to them or excluding them. Do what ever you can to make them feel comfortable, get them a chair, coffee, or the book to follow along with. Whatever it is, make it happen because if a guest feels weird, most likely they won’t be back.

2. Almost every group has these two people; the person who says things to get a reaction and the person who talks to much/always has a major problem. I think that Willow Creek refers to these people as EGR people.(Extra Grace Required) Don’t let them dominate or dictate the tone of the group because they will cause everyone else in the group to feel weird. On the other hand don’t crush them as you coach them in proper social etiquette.

3. Lastly, let everyone have an opinion. As the leader you will have the last say and ultimately bring truth, but until the time comes let people have their opinions. For example there might be someone who doesn’t know the truth about how to get to heaven; do not let anyone jump down their throat for not knowing the truth. NEWS FLASH: NOT EVERYONE GROWS UP IN A BIBLE BELIEVING CHURCH.

Let me know what you think and if you have other awkward things that happen in small groups.

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  1. Peter Bess permalink
    January 13, 2009 8:49 pm

    I love your thoughts on small groups. They are the place where relationships can happen. Sermons and lessons are great for instruction, teaching, and feeding. But small group time is the place for dialogue, for a group meditation on the lesson of the night.

    Small Groups have a number of wonderful fruits.
    1. In your group there is a chance to grow new relationships.
    2. You get to meet people with different ideas about things.
    3. You get a chance to grow your interpersonal skills.

    These are just a few of the wonderful things gained through small groups. We were not meant to live this life alone. In a small group you have people to lean on in tough times and people to celebrate with in the good times. You will get out of your small group exactly what you put into it.

    Ben, by reading your thougths I can tell that you were the right person to speak to these small group leaders. Your heart is in it and passion is contagious.

  2. Benjamin Davis permalink
    January 14, 2009 2:10 am

    Peter thanks for the comments! I like the point about having people to lean on. I would even add people don’t really feel part of a group until they have experienced something like that. The support of the group is key.

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